Warehousing operations are complex and driven by information. Accurate documentation and process oriented approach helps to simplify warehouse operations. The Warehouse Management System (WMS) plays a very crucial role in supply chain by converting day to day warehouse activities into efficient business processes.

Warehouse Management Software aims to control the movements and storage of materials within the warehouse and process the related transactions including shipping, receiving, stacking and picking. Warehouse Management System (WMS) of EzeeShipping is designed to optimize warehouse processes. It provides a comprehensive management system with inventory control and complete visibility for effective operations. This effective warehouse management system enables centralized management of tasks like tracking inventory levels and stock location.

Warehouse Management Software

How Warehouse Management Software helps you?

EzeeShipping – the most comprehensive freight and logistics software – effectively handles warehouse operations with an easy to use Warehouse Management System (WMS). It streamlines the entire inward and outward process to enhance the productivity multiple times. You can optimize your warehouse storage and distribution operations with the comprehensive management system designed to offer complete control. You can benefit from improved Space Management, Enhanced Inventory Controls and Faster Throughput.

This system automates all aspects of warehousing operations from the Advance Ship Notice (ASN), Goods Receipt (GR), Good Issue Order (GIO) and Inventory Management to Invoicing. Warehouse Management Software can be easily configured to fit the present scale of your business - from small warehouse with few orders to larger, multi-warehouse operations and is scalable to match the future growth of your business.

Through integration with your transportation and forwarding operations, the system considerably reduces the high volume of data-entry. The WMS module can also be integrated with other modules of EzeeShipping such as Finance & Accounts, Sales & Service etc. to create a comprehensive logistics management system.

Benefits of Warehouse Management System

  • Efficient management of inbound process
  • Easy management of multi-warehouse
  • Tracking of stock management
  • Tracking of Advance Ship Notice (ASN)
  • Less mistakes higher the productivity
  • Complete visibility to your customers
  • Payment Tracking