Digitize Your Logistics Business With Our Cloud Based ERP Software

Digitize Your Logistics Business With Our Cloud Based ERP Software

Yes, digitalizing almost everything is the new normal. By bringing the same to the logistics world is making it more efficient and productive with softwares for freight forwarding, customs clearance, transportation management and warehouse management never than ever before.

COVID19 for sure has made significant changes in the world as well as in the work space environment. Our usual day to day routines are changed so does the business as well. From working 8 to 9 hours in the same place under the organisation’s roof to working from home and connecting together in Slack or any applications, we all know how crucial the situation was. Thus, this pandemic changed the way businesses used to run in the last two decades.

People now are aware of such terms like logistics, shipment, tracking packages etc because of the impact made by ecommerce platforms. But logistics in itself is a deep world that goes out of focus from any individual’s routine.

Due to multiple lockdowns worldwide, logistics business was also affected. Apart from that since many logistics businesses used to work together under one roof, introducing work from home options to the employees was not an easy transition.

This required great platforms that not only meet the logistics needs but also runs smoothly on the personal computers or laptops. Although there are many softwares that meet the said requirements but they fail at two things.

  • To teach them how to use it
  • Lack of customer support

This problem was faced by many firms, thus we introduce EzeeShipping to you.

Affordable yet easy to use and highly functional cloud ERP software in Chennai/India.

Going for EzeeShipping Software will be the best choice that you could ever make because

Tailor Made software to cater your business needs

It’s not always a one standard product because every logistics business has different functionality and we understand it. Thus, we design it according to your business needs and optimise it further with latest trends and technology.

Supports Multiple Language

Our Software comprises and supports the user with a wide array of languages including regional and international languages which makes the software even more effective and user friendly ERP to work on when it comes to using our cloud ERP for logistics.

Access Anywhere, Anytime With Our Cloud ERP

Login anywhere at any time without worrying to look for office systems. This also helps you to run your logistics business smoothly during the pandemic situation as well. Our softwares is easy to learn and adaptable.

Best Customer Support For Your Logistics Team 24/7

We have one of the best customer support teams who are available 24x7 at your disposal.With us, you never have to wait for your issues to get resolved! And not to worry, our customer support team is there for you to support with total kindness.

Looking forward to digitizing your logistics business with our cloud ERP for freight forwarders, NVOCCs, customs brokers, trucking companies, warehouses & container freight stations and automating.

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