EzeeShipping Cloud ERP

About Us


To be a global leader in delivering easy-to-use technology solutions for freight forwarding, customs clearance, transportation & warehousing industries


To deliver world-class technology solutions that simplify & automate the international shipping industry

Why EzeeShipping Solutions

EzeeShipping Solutions have extensive experience helping logistics companies worldwide to identify, create and leverage competitive advantages through the use of scalable technology solutions. Our purpose is to improve their visibility, efficiency, and quality of service while simultaneously reducing operating costs and increasing profitability.

Our Core Values

We continuously improve our culture so that it empowers and drives us

Our creativity is a product of our people and our culture. We live in an era where the ordinary can be outsourced, where work has become a “process”, and where companies innovate by copying others and increasing their scale by purchasing competitors. That's not how we do it. We place our people and culture at the center of our strategy and we empower, motivate and support each other to succeed. We refuse to accept ok, average, or good enough. We want incredible, game-changing, and bright to be our battle call. We delight in striving hard to change the world we work in. Our desire and efforts fill our minds with exciting possibilities and lead our head and our heart to things that really matter. Each of us wants to be remarkable, and we won’t accept anything less of ourselves or of our colleagues, teams or the business. We design and build our culture, people, and products to be successful now and for many generations of our people and technology.

We work hard to improve ourselves, our colleagues, our teams, our products and our business

We work hard to attract, hire, and retain great people and we want to empower them to be even better. We know that mastery of our skills and abilities is essential for success and we strive to learn and grow to improve ourselves, help our colleagues, delight our customers, and reward our employees and shareholders. We want work that challenges us, drives us, teaches us, and rewards us. Everyone has an obligation to themselves, their team, and the company to grow and improve. We know that working hard and thinking differently in order to deliver fantastic results is an essential part of personal growth and we’re not afraid to develop and stretch and push ourselves to become skilled masters of our domain.

We have a clear purpose and a shared vision

We are a ‘team of teams’ with a clear purpose and a shared vision. We combine our talent, skill, commitment, passion, and creativity so that our efforts are amplified, focused, and successful. Teamwork and collaboration is just as important as personal effort, growth, and achievement and we value our teams as we value our people. Effective teamwork towards a shared vision is central to our success.

We manage ourselves and focus on results

Success requires every team member to strive every day and in every way. Creativity is fired by emotional energy, by the teams and people that support you, by deeply important goals, and by the knowledge that success is within reach. We manage ourselves and inspire and support each other. We focus on results, not on hours of work, and we do things which are worth doing and delight in hard work, focused effort, and going ‘above and beyond’ when it is needed. If you choose to drive yourself, strive for new heights, or work long and hard to do something amazing, then we will support you and cheer you on. If you need a break and recharge, then we will understand and give you space.

We lead when we see the need and inspire and support each other always

We believe in personal freedom and in our people having authority and responsibility for their actions. Leadership here is different, it is impassioned and empathetic, it is helpful and supportive. We manage ourselves, our own work, and outcomes, and we inspire our colleagues by example and we share our knowledge and experience willingly. We work in a flat, open culture and we love to be free to succeed. We believe that leadership is not ‘command and control’ or ‘managing others’, for us, it is vision, inspiration, coaching, and encouragement, and playing our own part, getting out of the way, getting things done and contributing to the winning solution, or simply cheering others on.

We strive for excellence

We believe that we have a responsibility to each other to ensure that we are all working to the highest level of our capability, productivity, and quality. We tell the truth directly and frankly about what we see, and we say it directly to each other at the earliest possible moment. We know it’s ok to disagree, to be passionate, to care, and to want things to be better. We respect each other, so we are not personal, derogatory, or insulting. We give clear, simple, truthful views of what we see and believe, and why. We drive each other to the highest levels of motivation, achievement, and excellence.

We focus on the deeper needs of real customers in our chosen markets

We strive to surprise and delight our customers because without them, we would not exist. Customers give us focus and they challenge us to create their future as well as ours. Customers provide us the support to build world-beating products that make a real difference. We listen to all our customers in order to find deep underlying needs, and fully understand the markets in which they operate. We know treating symptoms is costly, complex, and ineffective, and so we focus on finding and solving deep problems and core issues.

We invent things our customers did not know they needed and cannot live without

We want to create products that are amazing, that are different, delightfully better, substantial, fulfilling and long lasting. We’ve all realized that breakthroughs that make the impossible possible often seem like crazy, stupid, impossible, or insane at first, so we know there’s no such thing as a stupid idea. We must allow every idea to be heard, to mature, and combine with other ideas and improvements so we can create and refine astounding technology that does amazing things.